“Coffee & Conversation” - Stories of Homelessness, by Liz LaVorgna and Wyatt Andrews is a mixed digital media exhibit that brings together two cross-sections of our community; those who are experiencing (or have recently experienced) homelessness and those who have stable housing. Coffee & Conversation creates awareness about how we connect as human beings and how we respond to community issues. Our hope is that by showing and encouraging conversation, it will help the community to connect and treat each other with kindness, respect and dignity.

Coffee & Conversation - Video by Wyatt Andrews

Click the photos below to hear each of the conversations.

Brian and Chris

Karen and Steve

Veronica, Chad and Carrie

Ezlerh and Mike

Serena and Maggie

Wyatt and Farris

“One Heart Beat” Serena Church

Click the image below to hear short poem written and performed by Serena Church.

"One Heart Beat" Serena Church